Large baby doll. Soft body. 36 cm. From 3...

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Mon Bébé Classique Blue is a large, 14-inch Corolle soft-bodied baby doll with sleeping eyes for little ones wanting a baby of their own to love. Its size fits perfectly in your child's small arms and is ideal for cuddling. The doll's face,...

£34.43 as at 22:17 UTC. (Details)

Perfect for girls ages 4 and up who love fashion and dance! Les Chéries Camille Ballerina is recital-ready in her leotard, tights, glittery tutu, and pink ballet slippers with ribbon laces! This 13-inch prima ballerina fashion doll features...

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Corolle CECILE ALLA SERATA DI GALAPerfect for 4+...

£35.81 as at 09:05 UTC. (Details)

From 18 months, My First Baby Calin Charmer Pastel Corolle is among the first little baby ideal for small moms and dads small. It measures 30 cm. Its size is ideally suited to small arms your child to cuddle and cuddle him tenderly. Its flexible...

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EMMA FAIT PIPIAnatomically correct girl large baby doll + accessories. 36 cm. From 3...

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La poupée à habiller Ma Corolle Vanille Rousse Yeux Noisettes est une poupée à personnaliser.  C'est une poupée de 36 cm au corps souple avec un "effet" sous-vêtements et de longs cheveux roux, soyeux à coiffer. La poupée Corolle Vanille...

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