Well-made with fine attention to detail.Lovely room set for your Sylvanian family...

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The Sylvanian Striped Cat Family is a 4 piece set that includes Father, Mother, Brother and Sister. Father Simon; is sporty, and especially enjoys marine sports. Whenever he has time, he takes his family to spend time at their Summer house by the...

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Your Sylvanian babies and children will adore this fun seaside playground. The Adventure Treasure Ship has all sorts of clever nooks and crannies for climbing, playing pirates and of course hide & seek! There's a crow's nest for breath-taking views...

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Kangaroo Family consists of Mother, Father, Girl and Baby in detailed clothing. The Kangaroo Baby can get into the pocket of the Kangaroo Mother's apron. We are one of the largest independent sellers of Sylvanians and Epoch products in the UK. All...

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Connects to Cosy Cottage Starter home, Cedar Terrace, Maple Manor with Carport, Country Doctor, Country Tree School, Forest Nursery, Seaside Cruiser Houseboat, Boutique, Brick Oven Bakery, Supermarket, Hamburger Restaurant, Seaside Restaurant, Toy...

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Cosy Cottage is the perfect choice those starting out with Sylvanian Families. With its red roof and beige brick style exterior, this quaint two floor cottage includes a ladder to connect the upstairs and downstairs. As well as coming complete with...

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sylvanian Families! Sylvanian Families offers a unique blend of traditional family life play incorporating memorable characters with incredible detail that you'll love. The Chocolate Rabbits are famous confectioners...

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Father Mortimer, mother Eleanor, brother Maxwell and sister Abigail Bramble are the Hedgehog Family. They are a family of talented tailors and dressmakers, kept very busy making clothes for everyone in Sylvania.Hedgehog posable collectable...

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This furniture set includes everything the Sylvanian Families children need to make themselves comfortable at home. There are more than 18 pieces.   Box Contains 2 beds 1 ladder 2 mattesses 2 quilts 2 pillows 2 stuffed toy 1 shelf 1 pen stand 1...

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