New Boxed.Interactive 18" American DollPlease Note Pink Chair is for demonstration Purpose only and Not...

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New Boxed.Interactive 18" American DollInteractive 18" American Doll.Batteries Installed.12 Baby Basic Sounds Ah Ah,Ma ma,He He,Pa pa,Wu Wu,Ze...

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American Girl

American Girl Willa has a love for animals. She's sure to be the first one up a tree-and the last to turn away a furry friend. This 14.5 (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls. She has Hazel eyes and silky strawberry-blond hair in long...

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american Girl

American Girl This 6-inch mini doll brings the world of Girl of the Year 2016 to life on a very smaller scale. She arrives wearing an outfit which is inspired by her stories. Plus, she comes with a miniature abridged version of the first book in...

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This 6-inch doll brings Julie's world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in an outfit authentic to her era. Plus, she comes with a mini abridged version of her first...

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Camille adores the ocean-and she's Mellow as a mermaid. She's the one her friends turn to when they need someone to listen. This 14.5 (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls. She has blue eyes, a freckle on one cheek, and silky blond...

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Samantha Parkington is kind, generous, and always ready to make a new friend. She has sparkling brown eyes that open and close and long, glossy brown curls. She comes in an authentic 1904 outfit: A petal-pink dress with a layer of sheer dotted mesh...

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Kanani lives near the ocean, and she can relax in the island breeze in these comfy PJ's: * A sleeveless floral tunic with a keyhole accent at the gathered neckline * Cropped leggings to layer underneath * A pair of plush flip-flop slippers to...

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